9 Essential Elements To Make Your Display A Success

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Essentials to Make Your Display a Success
Make no mistake, displaying your brand professionally can be a tricky ballgame. Does it need to be? Follow our simple pointers to make sure that you don’t miss the essentials!

Trial and error isn’t always the best solution, especially when financials and customer reputation are involved. We’ve compiled our ultimate elements on what you should include in your next display to ensure that you see a great ROI and rise in customer interest and activity.

  1. Interactive Content – It’s been proven that two way brand engagement is a success for both customer and business. Your customer actively invests their time and concentration into your brand. Your business also can gauge and test responses to new products and ideas, essential to your company’s success.
  2. Giveaways – If you give something to your customer for free, it instills trust and familiarity. Customers are more inclined to buy again from businesses who have given away something. This is because they’ve become familiar with your branding in their own space (i.e at home or back at the office, after the event.)
  3. Meeting Areas – This is more a point for the B2B sectors – meeting areas are often forgotten as they require more square feet which means cost, but consider this: How comfortable would your customer feel about talking financials with any one of their competitor in ears reach? Is avoiding this worth the cost of the extra square footage?
  4. Branding – Big and bold are both key here – many exhibitors fall into the trap of cramming as much information into one space and as a result, detract from their message. Use your valuable wall space to attract customers and then use your marketing collateral to inform your customers about your USPs.
  5. Audio Visual – As always, content is key. Keep it simple and make sure that it attracts customers, whilst also educating them on your brand. No longer than 30 seconds to make sure that people stay intrigued.
  6. Data Capture – Anyone who steps on your stand is a qualified lead so capturing customer data is essential. Data capture enables you to directly contact your potential customers through mediums like email marketing and post. This is great as it brings them into your sales funnel and ultimately will turn them into customers.
  7. Clever Storage – With all stands, square footage is a valuable commodity and doubling up function can always help you to save. Buying counters with cupboards and storage underneath is a good idea as the space is otherwise wasted. Be resourceful and remember, your staff will always need somewhere to store their bags whilst working.
  8. Fully briefed staff – Give staff a clear brief as this will help them to focus on your companies goals and aims. Briefing also encourages open communication within your workplace which can only be a good thing. Staff will appear more relaxed in the hands of the customer, whilst more focussed towards reaching the ultimate company goals.
  9. Marketing Collateral – Whilst your branding draws people into your stand, marketing collateral drives customer focus and educates customers about your history, purpose and USPs. This will ultimately help your staff to increase brand awareness and qualify customers quicker. In some cases, marketing collateral will tell your story better than your staff may be able to.

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