Become 10% more memorable without changing your brand

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In the modern business climate, customers can sometimes become numb to your brand or strategy due to frequent exposure to multiple brands. When creating a marketing campaign, many businesses oversee one vital element – customer experience. How do your customers experience your brand? How can your brand be more memorable?

It is a proven fact that for something to stay in your customer’s memory long term that you should try to target the senses. In the revolutionary documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock asks a group of American tourists if they can recite the Pledge of Allegiance and they all struggle. He then asks to recite the elements inside a McDonald’s Big Mac and they all manage to recite the ingredients perfectly. The reason for this is that when you use multiple senses to capture a memory, you increase your ability to recall the memory later on.

So how does this relate to your customer experience and marketing campaign? Well, when most businesses are branded, we focus on 2 of the senses “sight and sound” to a limited amount. A business owner finds a name that represents them and sounds pleasant. Then, potentially alongside a design agency, the business owner creates a logo that looks great and works across all media.

To make your brand more memorable, you should build separate experiences using as many senses as possible, in an environment relevant to your customer’s surroundings.  With your next self-build or modular display stand, think about how does a customer see, feel, smell, taste and hear your brand. Now, it’s not essential to use all of the senses, depending on what’s relevant to your business. If you’re a carpet company taste may not be relevant and equally if you’re a food company, hearing may not be relevant. In exhibition halls and fayres, it’s sometimes very easy to veer from one business to the next but using the senses, you can create a better ownership of the space around you – this draws customers in and makes them remember your brand or product.

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